Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 Reflections

What a busy year we have had and how fast it has gone by! Cooper turned 4 in January and has had a big year! He has started preschool at our church in preparation for Kindergarten. He has made lots of new friends and is really enjoying it. He has learned to ride a bike and recognize TONS of words by sight...which I guess means he can spell! He also learned to swim after some private lessons in NaNa and GaGa's pool. Cooper and Ryan also did lots of hunting...with Cooper's first dove hunting excursion. *Please note...they made me add that. Cooper also went on his first fishing trip with my parents this summer to Rock Bridge...I think this will be an annual trip! Sadie girl...where to start? In the last year she has learned to walk, talk, potty like a big girl and sleep in a big-girl bed. She now has a mouth full of teeth and a head full of hair. Her vocabulary is HUGE and she's starting to string words together. She is definitely a girly girl! She has an opinion about her wardrobe and shoes. She love babies and her new kitchen! Ryan started a new job with API in February and has really enjoyed the change of pace! He is gearing up for session to start here in a couple of We have also been lucky enough to travel quite a bit this year...Canada, Mexico, Chicago, Texas...just to name a few places! I have just wrapped up my first year in the cupcake business and am thinking I may be ready to move to the next step...which would be marketing my business. We will see where that goes...I'm thinking of starting with a food blog and some freebies on Facebook! Will you be a fan?? I also turned 30 in November...enough said on that one. We have also had a residence change this year...selling our "first" home and moving into a GREAT new house! We were even lucky enough to be welcomed into my parents home for a little over a month during the interim...FUN! Our new home has plenty of room for everyone to have their own space and is the perfect place for entertaining! There is a big yard for the kids and...dogs. We have a new addition to our family in the last couple of weeks. I will save this for a post all by itself...but we have a new lab puppy named Zac. We were very blessed in 2009 and can't wait to see what 2010 has in store for our family! Happy New Year!

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  1. Happy New Year Rowden Family!!!! :)