Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 Goals

So...I'm TERRIBLE at New Year's resolutions.
How about you?
I think I've actually resolved in the past to NOT have a resolution.
After some thought, conversation and a yummy lunch with the girls...The Rowden Bunch has set "goals" for 2010. Thanks Ashley for sparking these thoughts. We came up with the first list with each one of us shouting out things for the goal list. Cooper chimes in with, "Let's go to the Farm more." Me..."that's not really a goal Cooper." Him..."Yes, it IS." End of that discussion.
After the long list was formed
we cut it down to 7.
This because someone else at lunch was talking about the rule of 7 and productivity and such.
7 seems lucky.
7 seems attainable.
7 it is.
Our list of goals is focused on savings, debt, taking a family vacation, simplifying, etc.
The next thing is to memorialize the list, which was on the Today Show...frame it, put it out, make it real.
Welcome, 2010!


  1. nice! I've only really kept one new year's resolution that I made . . . maybe it's time to keep another one this year!