Thursday, January 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Cooper!

Cooper & Meg: Christmas 2007

Cooper at the Farm

Cooper at the Lake: Age 2

Cooper: Thanksgiving 2009

I'm a few days late, but Cooper had a birthday this week! He turned FIVE on the 19th! Holy Cow...he's getting SO big! He's so excited to be FIVE! We had a small pizza party on the big day to celebrate and he took treats to both preschool and the sitter. This weekend we are celebrating at Great Wolf Lodge and Cabela's. He is such a boy!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Zac Attack

Meet the newest addition to our family.
This is Zac.
He is a yellow lab puppy. As if that wasn't obvious?
He was a suprise gift from my parents...for Cooper...for Christmas.
It's been...interesting.
His birthday is on Halloween.
He eats shoes...the nice ones.
He pees on the floor...but only on the carpet.
He humps.
He doesn't wipe his feet at the door.
He tried to eat my Vera Bradley bag.
But...Cooper LOVES him!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

100 Things About Me

This is for Betsy. 100 Things about me...

  1. My middle name is Marie. Same as my Mom and Daughter.
  2. I have no tattoo's...thank God for good judgement!
  3. I was married in December because I think it is a gorgeous time of year!
  4. I love the beach. Especially the ocean sound!
  5. I have been married to a very patient man for 6 years. We've been together for almost 12.
  6. I have a LOVE for baking and cooking.
  7. I have a cupcake business that I operate out of my home...for fun.
  8. I would LOVE to open a bakery or small eatery some day.
  9. I have my real estate license.
  10. I have 2 AWESOME kids...a boy and a girl.
  11. I love the charm of my old home.
  12. I have 2 dogs.
  13. I don't really "do" pet hair.
  14. I have HORRIBLE seasonal allergies.
  15. I love Aveda products...they make my whole house smell good.
  16. I love to entertain, but stress about it.
  17. I have a passion for cookbooks. I read them like novels.
  18. I absolutely love Vera Bradley bags. Any pattern.
  19. I'm obsessed with cleaning products...swifter's, Clorox wipes, toilet bowl cleaner, etc.
  20. I recently had to break-up with my cleaning lady. It was traumatic.
  21. I learned the Heimlich by accident when my daughter chocked on a penny.
  22. I'm not afraid of the dark.
  23. I mowed grass for the first time this year.
  24. I love the pool and the sunshine.
  25. I really enjoying reading.
  26. Wine is usually my drink of choice.
  27. I love to listen to my kids giggle and chat when they think I'm not listening.
  28. If I forget to make our bed in the morning...I make it before I get in it at night.
  29. I love to get family pictures taken.
  30. I really like magazines...the trashy ones.
  31. I enjoy sending things in the mail.
  32. I LOVED high school.
  33. I am Methodist.
  34. I love when my house is really quiet, clean and everyone is sleeping.
  35. I love hot baths.
  36. I really enjoy champagne (not the headache).
  37. I could watch Law & Order over and over and over...
  38. I live my life vicariously through my sister.
  39. My favorite ice cream is mint chocolate chip.
  40. My favorite salad dressing is balsamic vinaigrette from O'Donaghue's.
  41. I love my SUV and all the junk I can hold in it.
  42. I love when my son asks questions about when I was little.
  43. I love watching my daughter learn how to talk..."Sadie do dat."
  44. I could people watch for days and days and days.
  45. I love my job and all of the many hats I wear.
  46. I would love to study interior design.
  47. I wish my blog was pretty.
  48. I had scoliosis.
  49. I used to have rods and screws in my back.
  50. I have great neighbors.
  51. I am 30.
  52. I wear a size 7 shoe.
  53. I am on day 3 of Weight Watcher's. I may get brave and post my weight.
  54. I'm in love with my husband more now than ever.
  55. I love to shop for anything.
  56. I like to rearrange furniture.
  57. I hate dirt on my feet.
  58. My fridge is usually kind of funky.
  59. I'm getting ready to start a foodie blog for my cupcake business.
  60. I'm super nosey.
  61. I pay my water bill late every month. Not intentionally.
  62. I have a great family.
  63. I have great friends.
  64. I'm so not a morning person. Call me after 9.
  65. I'm usually right on time...not early...not late.
  66. I quit coloring my hair 2 years ago. I still miss it.
  67. I love to plant flowers. I kind of suck at taking care of them.
  68. I just recently started drinking coffee.
  69. I don't like to wear socks.
  70. I like to do laundry.
  71. I LOVE the smell of clean laundry and dryer sheets.
  72. I wish someone would turn me in on "What Not to Wear."
  73. I have a fabulous memory.
  74. I really don't like onions.
  75. I like the smell of my husband's hair.
  76. I love my wedding ring.
  77. I like to "spoon."
  78. I like the smell of my daughter's breath...weird.
  79. I like to talk on the phone.
  80. I like to organize things.
  81. However, most of my drawers are a mess.
  82. I love hearing about my son's day at Pre-K.
  83. I love good customer service...and providing it.
  84. I'm friendly.
  85. I talk to strangers.
  86. I send over 100 Christmas cards every year.
  87. I make lists daily. I really like to cross things off.
  88. I could make a career of running errands.
  89. I always forget to take/pick up dry cleaning.
  90. I love that my husband forgets most things and I have to remind him over and over.
  91. I would like to have just 1 more baby.
  92. I love Mexican food.
  93. I would like to lose about 25 pounds. That Mexican food might be a problem.
  94. I love good hand lotion.
  95. I have an iPod, but don't know how to use it.
  96. I have been blogging 1 year.
  97. I find power washing therapeutic.
  98. I wear contacts.
  99. I like fruit in my salad.
  100. I love to do nice, unexpected things for people.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Silly Talk

The things kids say crack me up. I need to start writing more down. Here are two funnies from the last couple of days.

- I hear giggling in the bathroom...LOTS of giggling! I open the door to find BOTH kids. Cooper on the big toilet and Sadie on the potty...both pooping. Lovely. Sadie says, "Bo Bo's help Sadie poop!" How embarrassed will she be in the future??

- I made a beer bread to go with dinner the other night. Cooper says, "I can't eat that! That has alkehaul!"

Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 Goals

So...I'm TERRIBLE at New Year's resolutions.
How about you?
I think I've actually resolved in the past to NOT have a resolution.
After some thought, conversation and a yummy lunch with the girls...The Rowden Bunch has set "goals" for 2010. Thanks Ashley for sparking these thoughts. We came up with the first list with each one of us shouting out things for the goal list. Cooper chimes in with, "Let's go to the Farm more." Me..."that's not really a goal Cooper." Him..."Yes, it IS." End of that discussion.
After the long list was formed
we cut it down to 7.
This because someone else at lunch was talking about the rule of 7 and productivity and such.
7 seems lucky.
7 seems attainable.
7 it is.
Our list of goals is focused on savings, debt, taking a family vacation, simplifying, etc.
The next thing is to memorialize the list, which was on the Today Show...frame it, put it out, make it real.
Welcome, 2010!