Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Blessing Mix

Cooper was given a treat bag of Christmas Blessing Mix from his very thoughtful Pre-K teachers. Attached was this message. As you enjoy this treat, turn your heart and mind to the first Christmas.
  • Animal crackers remind us of the animals at the manger.
  • The chocolate star reminds us of the star that announced Jesus' birth.
  • The pretzel sticks help us remember the shepherd's and their staffs.
  • The bugles remind us that the angels trumpeted the arrival of Jesus!
  • Cheerios remind us that there was ZERO room at the inn.
  • Lifesavers remind us it is only through Christ's free gift we are truly saved.
  • And M&M's...turn them upside down to make W&W and remember to Worship & Wonder at the arrival of our great king this season!

It's been fun to pick through the munchies and talk about each part of this message!

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