Monday, December 21, 2009

Breakfast with Santa!

NaNa and I in our holiday wear...

so not planned, but happens ALL the time!

She has great taste!

Sadie patiently waiting for Santa to call her name.

When the time came, she had nothing to do with him

and wouldn't even take her gift!

Cooper giving his best, "Ho! Ho! Ho!"

Bo Jangles the Reindeer...this was too cool!
Have you even seen a reindeer?
This weekend we headed with my parents to have breakfast with Santa. This has become a yearly event and we all enjoy it! It starts with a great spread and then moves into a visit from Santa. Santa has a gift for each child and calls them out by name. It's so great to watch them in anticipation! This year Cooper and Sadie were some of the last to be called and you could see the fear in his eyes. Was I good? Am I on the Naughty List? Oh no! After the chaos of the gift opening we were able to meet a real reindeer...complete with a sleigh! Sadie was too into her new baby, so she missed the outdoor fun!
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  1. How fun! I love the reindeer. Where do you go to have breakfast with Santa?

  2. Tiff- Breakfast with Santa was at the JC Country Club. I think Meadowlake Country Club does one too!