Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"You make me melt..."

" a Popsicle on the forf of July!" This is one of Cooper's favorite lines from the Little Rascals. I picked this movie up for him a couple of weeks ago and it is hysterical! He really looks and talks like one of them and repeats ALL of the lines! Anyway, things have been super stressful here but Cooper really has a way of smoothing things over and really making me melt!

Yesterday morning he woke up in a GREAT mood, which doesn't happen often at the Rowden house. I'm NOT a morning person and neither are my children! I attributed this to him going to bed early and without a fight and told him how proud I was of him. He told me he felt great and knew it was from the early bedtime..."I did it for you Mom...I knew you'd be proud!"

Last night as I was tucking him in he told me I was special. I in turn told him thank you and said, "You know Cooper, you're really special too!" He says, "I know that. But I'm special because I'm your runs in our family!"

What a sweet boy! I guess he's over me packing up all his stuff after all!

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