Sunday, July 19, 2009


Packing...oh the on earth did we accumulate so much STUFF? The actual "packing" part hasn't been that bad, but going through all of the "things" is ridiculous. I'd like to think I'm pretty neat and organized, but seriously? How embarrassing! The junk. The trash. The randomness. Every drawer. Every closet. And seemingly every corner! I will be excited to start anew, but I'm sure that's wishful thinking!

We've actually set a pretty good pace, packing each night after the kids are in bed. Today my in-laws took the kids for the day and we were able to pack up most of their rooms. We have 6 more days to get ready before the moving truck is here to load up...and then it's on to stay with Nana and GaGa until September 1st! I hope their ready for, Ryan, Coop, Sadie and our dog Meg!

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  1. How's the emotions? I know how exciting it is to move, but how hard it can be leaving the place that has been the center of so many great memories for your family. I cried for a week when we moved from an 1100 sq ft house that was jam packed with 4 1/2 family members on a busy street corner, into our current home where the kid's have sooo much more room, and a yard that goes on forever. My head was ready for the move, but my heart wasn't quite on board. LOL