Monday, July 27, 2009

Night #1

Holy cow did the first night here go well! The kids had played really hard in the pool and were getting pretty it was time for dinner. My sister and I ran to the store to get some communal groceries. We then tag teamed some yummy dinner and everyones bellies were full. I did tubby time and Ryan helped out with clean-up. The kids went to bed with no problems!

Now the sleeping on the other hand! I think Ash got up with Cooper once to potty and he joined us about 6ish and snuggled back in...not too bad. But Sadie...oh Sadie...or is it me? I have to be the lightest sleeper...EVER! And since she is a mere arms length away from me I heard every wiggle, moan, sigh, cry, binky name it I heard it! By about 2 am I started praying! Please let me sleep silently...please! We were then snuggled in and the kids slept until 7:45!

Let's keep our fingers crossed for tonight!


  1. I so, so, so feel you. we've been "vacationing" one place or another for the last two weeks and both of the kids have been in my bed and/or bedroom every night. I hear movement they make and that Lily talks like crazy in her sleep - it's ANNOYING. One more night away from home and we're back to three separate bedrooms thank goodness!

  2. You are a saint to be able to sleep your little one in the same room- I stay awake all night listening for any noise!!! Hope the moving goes well. So where is the big move to??? Moving was so stressful! I am still waiting to feel "settled"