Monday, June 29, 2009

Our Newest Addition (or Replacement!)

Before Sadie was born we had the bright idea to get Cooper a fish. The first fish was orange and was appropriately named Orangie. The next 10 fish after that were all orange and had the same name...Orangie. After an obvious round of bad luck with the orange guppies, we switched to a yellow one...who's name was Lemon.

Lemon was a rock star fish who lived for a super long 9 months or so...until Saturday night. RIP Lemon.

When Orangie died it was tragic. We thought flushing him was a brilliant idea, but Coop flipped! And cried and cried and we were a bit nervous when he announced the Lemon was stuck on the filter...just like Orangie was. But Cooper marched over to grab the net, fished him out and took him straight to the toilie.

He then announced that Lemon was going to heaven for his next life, which would be better. He would be with Orangie and they would have such a great time! "That's what I learned in Children's Church, Mom." So sweet and so smart and so right on.

Yesterday we brought home the new guppy...a red one...named Apple.

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