Thursday, June 11, 2009


So the Cooper "clothes wars" have continued at the Rowden house. He has officially decided to move to's cold there all year (according to him) and you can wear jeans everyday! I have even resorted to buying him jean shorts...which I swore I would NEVER do! I'm hoping this is just a faze! In addition, with all of the rainy days we've been having he asks EVERY morning..."Can I wear jeans today? The suns not shining!" I thought the clothes issues were supposed to be with the little girls? And, he's only 4...what will we be dealing with when he's 16?


  1. Too funny . . . jeans?? At least it's not pajamas all day or something . . . right??

  2. Cash would gladly move with him to Colorado. He wants to wear jeans everyday, too! All 3 of my kid's are extremely headstrong when it comes to wardrobe-I've had the only Nike windpants phase, only shirts with writing on them phase, only cowboy boots phase, only rubber boots phase (my boys have honestly worn the tread off rubber boots), and now I'm dealing with the only jeans phase as well. So Cooper can have a roomate!