Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Sign...

This is the sign you see in our front yard as you drive by! It is definitely bittersweet, as we are both super excited an kind of sad. This is the house we bought when we were finishing college. This is the house we were married in. This is the house we brought are first puppy to. This is the house we brought both our son and daughter to. This house is our home.

Although we will be sad to leave our home, we are thrilled to have found a fabulous new place! We have debated on new construction vs. an older home with charm...and think we have found the best of both worlds! The new house is an old Craftsman that has been newly updated. There will be plenty of room for everyone, plus some room to grow. The yard is HUGE and even backs up to the park. I know this will be the perfect new home for our family.


  1. Fun fun! I wanna see the new digs!! I'll be in town next week . . . !!