Thursday, August 20, 2009


Cooper and GaGa with the 1st days catch!
Cooper with his new net...a rubber one. They first bought him a regular net, but they have rubber ones for themselves. Apparently the hooks don't get caught. He said, "Well why do I have to have one that the hooks get caught in?" After GaGa saw what a great fisherman he was, he scored the new net!

I love how he his pulling back!


Coop and Nan

Eating it up!

New fishin' vest.

One of my Mom's favorite hobbies is fly fishing. Her and my Dad have been going with a group for a while now and recently came back from a place in Ava, Missouri that they really enjoyed. After many stories and conversations about going back, Cooper decided he needed to go check it out...and it didn't take much convincing! They had a blast and caught a TON of fish! I was informed that Coop caught the most and even tried to give Nana a few pointers!

We always joke that we should write some of the funnier things Cooper says down so one day he can look back at them. And on this trip Nana did! Here are just of few of the things he said on the car ride to Ava...
Are we there yet?
by Cooper Rowden

How big is this place?
How many horses do they have?
What color are the bridles?
Do you have to use a saddle?
How long do they let you ride?
What’s a prisoner?
Why do they have to pick up trash?
How much longer till we get there?
Where are we?
What Lake?
Who is Kay?
Why are we stopping at her place?
Does this place have a hot tub?
How big is the pool?
If you have never swam in the pool, then how do you know they have a pool?
What if we don’t catch any fish?
How long does it take to get here anyway?
Why do you have a Petco card on your keys?
How long does it take?
GaGa can’t you drive faster?
What kind of fish are we gonna catch?
What kind of trout?
Are we gonna catch any catfish?
How will we know which room is ours?
GaGa did you just run a red light?
Really, how long does it take?
Do you know what a mountain walker is? “A man who walks up a mountain!”

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