Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The "F" Word...Seriously.

So...I don't normally tell about the REALLY naughty things my kids come up with! I mean...really...who would want anyone to know that there kids aren't always perfect?! This one was just too funny not to share. My Mom emailed the story below a couple of months ago after watching the kids. And yes...we do have potty mouths at our house and are really trying to watch our language...especially after Coop dropped the "F" bomb!

We were playing "Rodeo" and Cooper was a bull rider. Well, he pretends to get bucked off, falls down and says "damn that hurt!" I said "Cooper Rowden we don't say that word!" He grins and says okay. On the next ride he pretends his rope breaks and he says "what the hell?!" I said Cooper Rowden we don't say that word either!" He very quickly with a big grin and two dimples says what about "f_ _ k!?" I said "Cooper Rowden that is a really bad word and I will take you in the bathroom and wash your mouth out with soap!" He says "Please Nana can I just cuss at your house?" I said "no you cannot cuss at my house or anywhere, your Mom would be so mad, to which he said "if you don't tell her . . . she won't worry about it!"


  1. That is Lindsey reasoning if I have ever heard it!

  2. This story reminds me of a night at the ballpark. Cooper and I were watching Ryan's softball team when one of the guys slid into 3rd base and we heard a loud "OH SH*T". Cooper looks at me and says "Grammy? Did you hear that? He said "OH SH*T". I quickly said Cooper, we don't say those kinds of words. He said, "Well, at the Farm we do!" I said really? Well, I will just have to have a talk with your Father about that! Later Ryan came over to see how we were doing and Cooper says "Grammy? Are you going to have a talk with my Father?" I repeated what happened earlier and Ryan looked down at Cooper and said "but only at the farm right?" Cooper looked up at his Dad with a proud grin on his face and said "Right Dad!"....What are you gonna do?

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! He sounds like he should belong to me!!! ;)

  4. Hahahhahahahahahahha! Sorry, it reminds me of the other night when Ben said, "Oh Shit Mom! You dropped the bottle!"