Monday, April 27, 2009


Pretty Pretty Princess Spectator

Who's coaching...Ryan or Cooper? See Cooper far left holding court.

Coach WAY more into this than the Mean Green Team.

Coop and his best-buddy Max giving me their "best" smiles!

As most of you probably know, one of Cooper's new endeavors is Pre-K soccer. Also, as most of you know I have a serious problem with telling people "no." Am I getting better? Yes. Do I always follow through? NO. This being said, I have gotten Ryan a new a Pre-K soccer coach! He has NEVER played, been a spectator, nor wanted to learn about the sport of soccer so this has been highly entertaining to watch! Also, we have discovered that Cooper doesn't really care much for soccer either...but they are both being good sports about it and I am proud of them! Thanks Ryan for being such a good sport and to Cooper for sticking it out...we are not quitters (**insert Mom trying to teach her child a lesson.)! Here are some more recent pictures of our soccer escapades...


  1. hilarious! i love that ryan has never played! That is the best part! I'm gonna be in town in June for like 8 days. Let's get together!!

  2. ok, seriously cute! i love that you got your husband coach soccer when he has never played! sounds like me volunteering my husband to do stuff! your blog is too cute, just like your family! i have added you guys to my blog list! hope you don't mind, it will be fun to keep up with you!