Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The G-O-A-T-S

Yep, you read right...goats. Somehow, we (Ryan) ended up purchasing 2 goats for the Farm. Before taking them to the Farm, they were brought home to share with the kids. What a great Easter present...right?? Billy Bob and Billy Ray the Billy Goats...one for each kid! Prior to them living on West Main, I thought..."how cool! Just like Grants Farm...right??" WRONG! The cute bottles I bought they would not drink out of. Holding still for the kids to pet...no way! But I will say, the entertainment value you for myself and our neighbors was great! We kept them in the dog pen for 2 days, where they stood on top of the dog house! Our neighbors had a great time taking pics on their camera phones, it's not everyday you seen goats in J-Town!

1 comment:

  1. How Funny! It looks like Sadie liked the bottle more than the goats! They are too cute! (that is Cooper & Sadie)...not the goats!