Thursday, April 23, 2009


So I normally try to keeping this "family" blog positive, but I'm totally annoyed and grossed out and thought I would share. Tonight I've been baking cupcakes...really awesome one's of course...yummy chocolate with traditional butter cream frosting...omg!

Anyway, let me get back on track...I've baked cupcakes and decide to indulge myself before I hit the hay. Great for my body I know, but I have NO willpower! Along with my cupcake I decide to have a glass of milk. I'm not a huge milk fan, so when my body wants milk I give my body milk. I just bought a BRAND new gallon of 1% milk with the Central Dairy label (expiration date 5/6/2009). If you are from J-Town you were RAISED on Central Dairy products and that's probably all you me.

So I sit down with my FABULOUS cupcake and take a swig of milk. Holy s%&*!! A CHUNK! Seriously a chunk of curdled milk! I think I have officially sworn off milk and I'm not sure I can even make my kids drink it. Don't worry...I've already sent emails to Schnucks and Prairie Farms (the company that purchased Central Dairy). The emails made me feel a little better, but I think maybe I will switch to soy.

**Side note: Ash- the cupcakes have no we're good! Can't wait to share them with you tomorrow. I even have a few to share with the Sells family too!

**UPDATE- Just about 12 hours after my midnight rant and emails to both Schnucks and Prairie Farms, I received calls/emails from both concerned about their valued customer. Both were quick to "swap out" my milk and Schnucks is sending a gift card. Very nice, however I did decline the milk...I think I need a break! Although I'm not over choking down the chunks, I'm very impressed by the customer service I received from both companies!


  1. SICK!!! (I think I just threw up a little in my mouth...) I miss the old central dairy! As far as the cupcakes go... I know they will be wonderful! Thank you so much for bringing us the samples! You are too nice!!

  2. Oh my gosh Lindsey!!!! Those were the BEST cupcakes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!