Monday, March 15, 2010

More Conversations Between My Children

My kids crack me up. This was part of our conversation Friday morning while I was in the shower.

Sadie-     Mommy, I gotta potty.
Me-        (washing my hair) Mommy is in the shower can you go to your potty?
Sadie-     No. I big dirl. I go in big dirl potty.
Me-        Cooper! Will you come help me for a minute?
Cooper- What's up?
Me-        Will you help your sister take off her pull-up and lift her up onto the potty?
Cooper-  Sure! (He lifts her up and says, "Holler when your done...I gotta watch my show.")
Sadie-      DONE! DONE! DOOONNNEEE, Bobo! (Because you can't say it just once??)

Cooper comes back in to help her and starts to take her down. In the mean time she is SCREAMING for toilet paper.

Me-         Oh, wait! She needs paper for her tootch...not my word...her word.
Cooper-   That's it! I'm done! No tootch wiping here!

Funny, funny kids....who I'm sure will love hearing these stories when they are older! And here's hoping Sadie will come up with a new word for her tootch. But for now, it's better than veiner.

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