Friday, November 6, 2009


I was recently tagged on this blog and thought it looked fun, so here goes...

I'm the type of gal that...buys kid food so that I can eat it...did not get bit by the exercise bug...makes lists with things on it that have already been completed just so I can cross them off...loves anything pumpkin (coffee, bread, soup, cookies, pie, etc.)...can't say no...still cooks dinner weekly for an older man that I don't live next door to addicted to Facebook...loves to read and buy books for my kids...loves a nice relaxing vacation...will be going on a nice relaxing vacation for my 30th...loves to get Sadie to say new words over and over (new one: "I onna hold you.")...have been with my husband for just shy of 12 years and wouldn't change anything about sending things in the sending Christmas cards even though the task is daunting and takes hours...loves fall and winter...(this is for Tiffany)...takes my clothes off and leaves them inside out to wash and fold (I can't believe I admitted it!)...I also really enjoying doing laundry but can't seem to ever get it put away...buys vitamins but can't seem to remember to take them...loves Swiffer wet clothes and Clorox wipes...picks up my house frantically before anyone comes over and acts like it always looks this good...loves anything semi-homemade...loves to read trashy magazines...loves to hear Cooper tell made up stories...likes purses but never carries one...loves that some of my besties are my same besties from high to fruit in lettuce salad. Random, but fun! Thanks Maria!

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  1. I can't wait to tell my husband that I'm not the only person that does that with my clothes! It drives him absolutely crazy! Thanks for making me feel a little less weird :)