Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Penny....

A what shot out of my daughter's mouth this week after I did the HEIMLICH! I know...totally crazy! Especially since Cooper and I were sitting RIGHT beside her when it happened. Luckily, she crawled right over to me when she realized what was wrong. It has been years since I took the Red Cross safety class and I definitely will be repeating it. I'm a little rusty, but luckily remembered enough to get it out! We are feeling super lucky and it didn't faze her....however Cooper thought I was trying to hurt her! If anyone is interested in brushing up their skills, let me know and I will sign you up for the class with me.

I also have enlisted Cooper to be the "money magnet." He's on the search for any coin he can find for his piggy bank. I never realized how much change you can find lying around. We match everything that goes into their piggy banks...why does this feel like the "finders/keepers" story from February?? The little entrepreneur is at it again.

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  1. Oh my gosh Lindsey! How scarey, I am so glad that she is okay!!!!