Monday, March 9, 2009

Farm Days

This weekend Ryan and Cooper were able to spend some "boy time" at the farm. The others attending were my Dad (GaGa), my Grandpa (PaPa) and Luis (LuLu). By the looks of the mounds of laundry they brought home I think they had a great time! The weather was warm, so Cooper was able to fish and put some miles on his Gator. He drove his Gator so late, they had to attach a light so they could see him!

Cooper (and others!) think PaPa is a real hoot and Cooper soaks up EVERYTHING he says...some of which we won't be sharing!! But I really got a kick out of this one and thought it was worth repeating!

Cooper: Mom, do you know how to catch a Polar Bear?
Cooper: Well...first you cut a whole in the ice. Then, you sprinkle peas around it. Then you wait for the Polar Bear to come take a pee....and kick him in the ice hole!!

I think I have heard this at least 25 times and it gets funnier every time he tells it!

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