Monday, February 9, 2009

Tonight's Young Life Dinner

To help out with our local Young Life group, I have signed up for the dinner committee. This means that every six weeks or so we open up our home to 10 or 15 Young Life leaders from the J-Town group...JCHS, Helias and/or Blair Oaks. Tonight was the JCHS group and we had "Walking Tacos"...what a hit (thanks Me-Ma!)! For those of you who have not had them, they are a spin on Frito Pies...cut open a crunched up bag of Doritos and top with all of the taco goodies...then eat it right out of the bag! Yum! We had a great time hearing about what's going on in the local Club and our kids really get a kick out of all of the guests! Here is a picture of Sadie helping me out after they left...the knife in her hand looks huge and dangerous...I promise it wasn't!

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