Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Lately Cooper has been really curious about what people do all day...do they work, where do they work, how do we get a hold of them, etc. He recently told my Dad (who is semi-retired?), that "Everyday is a stay home day for you GaGa, right?" Well tonight we have talked about how Ryan's Dad is retired and everyday isn't really a stay home day for GaGa either. To make matters funnier, he decided he wanted to call his Grandma Becky this afternoon. After explaining to him she was still at work and we would call her after dinner, he decided he could do it himself. He says, "Mom she works at the hospital. I can call her myself. You just dial 9-1-1...you know that!" Boy do we have some more explaining to do! Sometimes (well most times!) he is way too smart for his own good! We love you Cooper!

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  1. k- that's just funny. watch out, he'll be dialin' 911 before you know it!