Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Sadie Re Turns THREE!

Going on THIRTY. Or maybe TEN.
She's a hoot.
We had a Pinkalicious cupcakes.
If you don't know who Pinkalicious is you are missing out.
Seriously. Google it.
Check out that princess purse.
She keeps diapers in it for her babies.
Sassy Sadie Facts:
- Her favorite food is oatmeal. Pronounced: "oak-milk."
- She is a diva about her hair...ponies, piggies, clips, buns, braids, bows.
- She sleeps like a teenager. Up late and would sleep until noon.
- She plays babies. Only babies.
Love this girl.



  1. Happy Birthday!!! I love the cupcakes! & the purse!

  2. Cute, cute! We love Pinkalicous at our house too!