Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Nana's Cadillac

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Yeah! I'm safe!
This is what my daughter is thinking now...
A couple of weekends ago, Sadie was out helping my Mom do some shopping. They check out and Sadie even got one of her favorite suckers. They loaded up the groceries, Nana strapped Sadie in and set her purse on the console. When she shut the door and went to get into the front seat..."CLICK." Locks closed. Purse, phone and keys inside. Shit. Yell for help. Call 911. Try OnStar...they can't seem to help. Shit. Police come along with the lock guy. Lock guy can't get in. Shit again. Sadie still sucking on sucker. Police officer drives my Mom home (2 miles) at 90 mph to get extra set of keys. Sadie stuck in car only 12 minutes, still sucking on sucker and unharmed. Nana...still can't breathe!
P.S. The police officer was Jared Phelps, who I graduated high school with. He's also married to one of my grade school besties. Small world!

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  1. The world gets smaller you know. Ryan and Jared have known each other since they were both VERY young! But seriously....THANK YOU JARED!