Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Miss Personality

Sadie has the biggest personality in her tiny little body. She definitely already has her own opinions and is not afraid to share them! You can tell she has hit the frustrating point when she wants to really tell you about something and just can't get the words out...not yet anyway! But her list of words is growing and growing and she is even stringing things together...I want that, my Daddy, I pee, go outside, etc. We recently went for her 18 month well check and she is in the 90% for weight and the 95% for height...she's getting so big! She LOVES monkeys and usually has one to carry around with her. She also loves her "Bo-Bo" (i.e. Cooper) and rarely leaves his side. We have also been working a bit on potty training...at her suggestion. We'll see how that goes!
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